We have experience! You have Fun!

Learning the game of golf should be fun, not frustrating. At Singing Hills Golf Club, we make sure that our San Diego golf lessons are geared to your abilities, based on where you are now and what your short- and long-term goals are. Our PGA and LPGA professional golfers have been giving lessons here at Singing Hills Golf Club for over 40 years. We invite you to tap into that expertise and be astounded at how fast you excel at the game.

Who do we teach? Everyone. Regardless of how long you have been golfing, call us and our golf academy can help you progress. We are at the forefront of Southern California golf

San Diego Golf Lessons Information

Our Golf Academy Features:

  • Experienced PGA and LPGA Professionals
  • Flight scope launch monitor
  • Slow motion/Swing analysis technology
  • Multiple short game practice areas
  • Private practice fairways
  • On course playing lessons
  • Public welcome
  • Member discounts available

Golf Lessons:

  • Group and Private Lessons
  • Junior Lessons, Clinics and ½ Day academy

Specialties/Golf Camps:

  • Junior golf Camps
  • Short game skill development coaching:  chipping, pitching, sand play and putting 
  • Course management:  the secret to lower scoring
  • Full spectrum driving range instruction:  drills, practice techniques and swing analysis

Overnight Golf Schools:

Skill Assessment and Lessons for Women Golfers

Recognized as one of the nation’s most women-friendly golf facilities, our School of Golf Exclusively for Women addresses every aspect of the game from rules and etiquette to short game and full swing.

Junior golf

At Singing Hills Golf Club, we love working with kids. Our professional PGA and LPGA instructors are ready to turn your junior into fun-loving players with our roster of great Junior league activities and events. 


Meet our golf academy instructors

Dream of having your personal golf professional design a custom instructional program to achieve your golf aspirations? This is your dream come true. With our Custom Golf Academy, you call the shots: the number of days, how much golf instruction you want and how much golf course play you desire.

When you contact us, our Golf Academy Coordinator will go over your requests. From there, you will be provided custom package options that are right for you. Additionally, our 1⁄2 Day, One Day and Two Day Academy Packages can be personalized to fit your individual specifications. Feel free to discuss your specific needs with us.

Call to book your Custom Golf Academy Package today at 800.457.5568 or e-mail to request additional information.

Robert S. Madsen, PGA Class A

Director of Instruction
E-mail Bob Madsen

  • SoCal PGA Teacher of the Year
  • San Diego PGA Teacher of the Year
  • Golf Digest Best Teachers in California
  • SoCal Section PGA Teaching Committee member

“I love helping people, and I love teaching golf. I can’t wait to get here in the morning. I specialize in inventing fun and productive games, drills, and exercises for students to DO… as well as playing lessons on the golf course.”

Julie Day, LPGA Class A

Teaching Professional
School of Golf for Women Instructor
E-mail Julie Day

Julie Day is an instructor for The School of Golf Exclusively for Women and was nominated for LPGA Western Section Golf Professional of the Year in 1998.

“I’ve been teaching for twenty years and I have found that the best way to teach is by keeping it simple! By breaking the swing down to a three-lever system it is easier for students to understand. A one-lever swing is chipping and putting, a two-lever swing is pitching, and a three-lever swing is the full swing. My specialty is taking a student and starting small with a one lever swing and slowly building on that until we develop the full swing.”

Rick Lindemann, PGA Class A

Director of Golf
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Rick Lindemann has worked at Singing Hills since 1990 and has a degree in Business Management.

“My teaching specialty is to design a series of lessons that will help the student excel to his or her potential. I teach my students how to improve by spending time practicing wisely. I insist that my students plan their practice time to get the most out of it. I focus strongly on the fundamentals while giving my students time to absorb all of the subtleties involved in the golf swing.”

Calvin Cartwright

Golf Operations Manager
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“My teaching philosophy is to put my students in the best position to succeed. My belief is to focus on individuals’ swings and helping them to become more efficient. This can be accomplished through simple drills and proper practice of good mechanics. I believe everyone can become better and my goal is to help others accomplish this.”

Bo Archer

Assistant Professional
E-mail Bo Archer

As your coach, I will take into account and help you reach your goals. We will have fun together and I will teach you how to understand and enjoy the game the way it’s supposed to be played including golf course etiquette. You will learn games and drills so you know exactly how to spend your practice time.