• Local Golf Rules At Singing Hills

    Singing Hills endorses proper player conduct. Please, let’s all…

    • Play READY GOLF
    • Repair extra divots using cart sand bottles and green sand buckets on the teeing areas
    • Repair extra ball marks
    • Park golf cars at least 30 feet from the greens

    ~ Thank you for being part of this combined effort!

    Temporary Local Rules: The “construction camp” area to the right of #3 Willow Glen (all supplies, equipment, vehicles, etc.) is deemed a Temporary Immovable Obstruction. Players are entitled to relief if the TIO interferes with the lie of the ball, stance, area of intended swing OR intervenes directly on his or her line of play. Players may take complete relief (including line of sight) under Rule 16.1; Model Local Rule F-23.

    Areas where mulch is being spread (work in progress) in the turf reduction areas is Ground Under Repair; Free Relief. Once workers, equipment, mounds of mulch, etc. are gone, the turf reduction areas return to being part of the General Area; ball played as it lies.

    NEW: All lakes are defined as Penalty Areas. The natural boundaries for course definition/taking relief are the “edges” where the ground/grass meets either the concrete wall or decorative rock wall. The concrete wall and/or decorative rock walls (and bridges) are always part of the Penalty Area. NO free relief. 

    Native planted areas to the right and left of #18 of Oak Glen are NO PLAY ZONES marked with green stakes with white tops. Play is not permitted from these areas. Treat them as Ground Under Repair, free drop, Nearest Point of Complete Relief. (Rule 16.1b).

    Putting (only) is permitted from anywhere on the putting greens. This includes the shared green on Oak Glen #2 and #16.

    Drop Zones: If a ball is in the Penalty Area on Oak Glen #4 or #5, Willow Glen #6, #9 or #12, the player may take relief under Rule 17.1 or drop a ball in the Drop Zone (mat or white circle). 

    Alternative to Stroke and Distance: When a player’s ball is Lost or Out of Bounds, the player may, for two penalty strokes, take relief by dropping a ball in the relief area (see Rule 14.3); E-5: 

    1. Ball Reference Point: The point where the original ball is estimated to have come to rest on the course, or last crossed the edge of the course boundary.
    2. Fairway Reference Point: The point of the fairway of the hole being played that is nearest to the ball reference point, but is not nearer the hole.

    Trees supported by stakes/wires: are No Play Zones: the player must take relief per Rule 16.1f. Note: Tree wells (below).

    Ball Deflected by Power Line: If a player’s ball hits a power line, tower, wire or pole supporting a power line during play, the stroke does not count. The player MUST play a ball without penalty from where the previous stroke was made; E-11.

    Fans on Willow #2: are considered Temporary Immovable Obstructions (TIO) and players are entitled to relief if the TIO interferes with the lie, stance, or swing OR intervenes directly on his or her line of play. Players may take relief under Rule 16.1; F-23.

    Abnormal Course Conditions (Rule 16): All roads and paths, even if not artificially-surfaced, are Immovable Obstructions; F-17. Sprinkler heads within two-club lengths of the Putting Green and within two-club lengths of the ball are Immovable Obstructions; Rule 16.1, F-5. Tree wells: manmade mounds and hollowed out depressions that will hold water for irrigation purposes, are Immovable Obstructions. Free relief may be taken; Rule 16.1, F-1. Flower beds are to be treated as Ground Under Repair. Free relief may be taken per rule 16.1f. Exposed tree roots throughout the course (other than in Penalty Areas and Bunkers) are treated as Ground Under Repair and a player may take free relief under Rule 16.1b, F-9.

    Willow Glen OB: includes the maintenance area left of #2 fairway and continues (white staked) up to double white stakes near the green/telephone pole.  

    Oak Glen OB: includes, 1. The cart barn/maintenance building and rain gutter and 2. beyond the wall or curbing of #1 and #10 tees, #9 and #18 greens.

    Embedded Ball: Relief is allowed under Rule 16.3b only in the General Area.

    Our Golf Club Etiquette: